West Wind; Clear

December 1941 and Singapore has been bombed.  War in the Pacific is inevitable.  As Clement is about to leave Australia for England he is stopped and ordered to undertake a rescue mission to Singapore.  Captain John Winthorpe is there, and he holds a secret that could shorten the war by years.  But when one of Clement’s team commits suicide, Clement is left wondering if it was murder.  Is one of his team an enemy spy?

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Upcoming Interview

I am pleased to announce that Publishers Weekly recently reviewed my book If Necessary Alone and will be featuring me in an upcoming interview.

You can read the review by clicking the link HERE

I will also be releasing Book 4 in The Clement Wisdom Series this year and can not wait for you to join Clement on his next adventure.

Publishers weekly

It is such an honour for my book If Necessary Alone to be selected for a review by Publishers Weekly! You can read the review HERE  

Thank you Publishers Weekly for reading and reviewing the second instalment of the Clement Wisdom Series, If Necessary Alone.

Book 4 coming 2022….


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I am pleased to announce that in 2022 I am releasing Book 4 in the Clement Wisdom Series. Sign up below to be the first to be notified when Clement Wisdom returns.

Geoff Sanders Review

G D Sanders author of ‘The Victim’, ‘The Taken Girls’ and ‘The Adventures of Adam Wynn; Influence of Death’.

Dear Vicky,

I finished Where Death and Danger Go yesterday, reading the final 40% in a single sitting, which is unusual for me. When the action starts you really have produced a page-turner. As you know, I love your central character, Clement Wisdom. He is such a gentle, thoughtful sensitive man, yet able to injure and kill for what he believes to be right. I truly admire you plotting, basing your fictional story on historical events and a mind-blowing degree of research. When reading the book, I felt you had yourself trodden every step of Clement’s journey.

I’ve enjoyed all three of your Clement Wisdom novels but for me this was the best so far. I say “so far” because I wonder if Clement will feel compelled to return to the UK because King and country require his services again and he is in a position from which he cannot resign.

I hope you’ve already started on another novel and look forward to hearing about it.

Best wishes,