Dear Vicky,

It was a wonderful surprise to receive two wonderful books in the mail from my grandson Matthew written by you.  They have given me great pleasure to read and reminisce as I am 98 years and many parts of the books brought back memories good and bad of the past and of the time and of the time when girls were called up and I was asked to work in the Munitions factory supplies laboratory in Maribyrnong in Victoria.

For years we worked each day looking through the microscope etching very accurately the degrees and grinds on the new lens which were inserted back into the World War I binoculars and sights of guns being reused and updated for use in the Second World War.

Later when the Owen Gun was invented the Army came out to the laboratory to test accuracy of the eye pieces of the gun. It was very satisfying to know our efforts and contribution were so valuable to the success of the gun.

I couldn’t put the books down because the immense suspense which you portrayed begged me to turn the pages to find out whether the characters were staying with us chapter by chapter.

The amount of research and authenticity is remarkable intertwined with the plot carried out under the guise of Ministers of the cloth.

Thank you for many hours of such enjoyable reading and I wish you every success with your future books and I look forward to many many more hours of fascinating reading.

With very kind regards,


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I had a wonderful time being interviewed via Skype by Rob Weinberg of Dan Snows History Hit Podcast. So much fun and such an honour being invited to join these amazing historians.

To listen to the History Hit Podcast please click the link below


Picture shows VM Knox awaiting the interview time slot in her study at her home in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales


“Fantastic read, kept me enthralled to the last page.” – Janet Laurence, Former Chairperson, British Crime Writers Association

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I received a lovely email from a woman in Caithness today;

“ After giving If Necessary, Alone as Christmas presents, my friend told me that she set herself the task of reading a chapter a day “as it wasn’t her genre”. She was so hooked by the fifth chapter that she couldn’t put it down and just carried on reading as she was so in to the story.”


VM Knox interviewing Flying Officer Anthony (Tony) Adams L d’H (Ret’d) for Book 3. 
Tony flew with RAF 149 Squadron, Bomber Command during WWII .

VM Knox is currently researching for Book 3 in the Clement Wisdom Series.

In Spite of All Terror

September 1940. Britain stands alone facing an immanent Nazi invasion.  Handpicked groups of men form the covert Auxiliary Units; ordinary men by day, they will be saboteurs and assassins by night.  With a life expectancy of two weeks, their identities are a closely guarded secret from all but the local senior policeman but once activated, that policeman will be the cell’s first victim.

Clement Wisdom, a humble vicar and leader of the East Sussex Auxiliaries, receives the invasion alert and assembles his team. Burdened with the tension between his faith and his patriotic duty, he sets out to eliminate the Police Inspector, only to find him dead already.  While assisting Lewes Police to find the Inspector’s killer, events take an ominous turn as one by one,  members of Clement’s team are found callously murdered.  Priorities shift and every aspect of life is called into question when Clement becomes embroiled in the murky world of espionage, where nothing is what it seems.

In Spite of All Terror is the first in a series of crime thrillers that mix historical fact, crime fiction and superb characterisations. They will keep you hungry for the next piece of this wartime puzzle.

“FANTASTIC READ, KEPT ME ENTRALLED TO THE LAST PAGE.” Janet Laurence, Former Chair, British Crime Writers Association

If Necessary, Alone

Britain 1941.  Still reeling from the greatest loss of his life, the Reverend Major Clement Wisdom is called on again to serve his nation in its time of need.  Under the cover of taking up a new parish in far northern Scotland, Clement is sent to the remote village of Huna, in Caithness, to locate a possible enemy agent who is sending out encrypted radio messages.

Arriving in the depths of winter, Clement quickly finds it isn’t only the temperatures that are unnervingly cold.  Perched on the edge of Great Britain, the isolated community is wary of strangers.  Struggling to gain trust from the locals and where even his assigned Government contact, the local postmistress, is antagonistic, he becomes entangled in a web of silence.  When the husband of his contact is found dead, the body horrifically impaled on a shard of window glass, Clement is at first unsure if it is an unfortunate accident, or a gruesome warning.

As more deaths are uncovered, Clement realizes his is facing not only an enemy spy but a ruthless killer who must be caught before escaping.  With limited time, Clement has to act quickly, and, if necessary, alone.  The second in the Clement Wisdom series of thrillers, If Necessary, Alone mixes historical fact, crime fiction and superb characterisations.  They will keep you hungry for the next piece of this wartime puzzle.

“A THRILLER FULL OF TENSION, TREACHERY AND TWISTS.  YOU WON’T  PUT IT DOWN.” – Janet Laurence, Former Chair, British Crime Writer’s