Book Club, Gordon

On Wednesday last I visited a book club that meets monthly in Gordon in Sydney’s North. It was an informal gathering with many laughs, questions and the historical information that underpins my three books, “In Spite of All Terror,” “If Necessary Alone” and “Where Death and Danger Go” released on Nov 5. The time passed all too quickly but I have been invited back next year after they’ve read my latest book. The one thing I love about book clubs is that all members read the books before I visit so no worries about giving away too much information about the plots. A happy afternoon and thanks to all who attended.

2 thoughts on “Book Club, Gordon

  1. Dear Vicki,
    I am from the Gordon Book Club and was very pleased to see our photo as i was reading your website. We did love hearing your talk and learning so much about the places and people, who were in your books.
    We have now read “Where Death and Danger go”, which we all loved. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again at our April meeting. You must be missing your trips overseas to all those wonderful spots, but hopefully it won’t be too long before you can head off again! Many thanks, Penny Baynes


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