Thanks to Hazel Butterfield for her interview with me about my 4th book in the Clement Wisdom series entitled “West Wind Clear.”

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West Wind Clear

This wonderful little ship, MV Krait (Australian Maritime Museum) carries the team to Singapore during the Pacific War in my fourth book in the Clement Wisdom series “West Wind Clear”.

Map of Japanese Invasion

Just as Clement is preparing to leave Australia and return to Britain, Major Clement Wisdom is seconded to lead a small guerrilla force. Their mission: to secure a vitally important person in Singapore and take him, and the secret he carries, back to Australia.

While enroute to the island bastion of the British Far East Fleet, Clement learns that Malaya, Singapore, and Pearl Harbour have all been bombed and war is declared.

This map shows the Japanese advanced on multiple fronts in early 1942 to occupy the South-West Pacific in the early days of the Pacific War.

Thank you for your review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I thought this episode of Clement Wisdom very enjoyable, I hope you will soon have another one lined up. It looks as if you intend that Wisdom should stay and perhaps marry Evelyn after the war of course. Kathleen R

Japanese Code Book

The Japanese operational code JN25 is central to my fourth book in the Clement Wisdom series. ‘West Wind Clear”. Follow Clement on his latest adventure across Australia and into Singapore.

West Wind Clear Available now online and in selected bookstores.

Exmouth Gulf

Turquoise bay in Cape range National Park near Exmouth, Western Australia

During WW2, there was a Naval Base consisting only of a Flying Boat anchorage, a tender and a fuel supply. In my fourth book in this series, “West Wind Clear”, Clement and his team return to Australia via this outpost in Western Australia.

West Wind Clear Available now online and in selected bookstores.

Christmas Island

In my fourth book, in the Clement Wisdom Series,  “West Wind Clear” this tiny, remote island is visited by Clement’s commando team in January 1942.  During WW2 Christmas Island was occupied by the Japanese from early 1942 to October 1945.

West Wind Clear Available now online and in selected bookstores.