Fan mail

What greater accolade could there be than to learn that possibly the last surviving member of the secret British Auxiliary Units established in WW2 to act as stay behind armies to counter a possible Nazi invasion of Britain, has read my books. The first book in my Clement Wisdom series, In Spite of All Terror is about men like Ron who is now 100 years old. Thank you Ron for reading my books, and for your bravery. You are a true hero!


Sending a huge thank you to Celtic life magazine magazine for the editorial and ad about my Clement Wisdom series. Set in WW2 the series follows one man’s journey from a rural English village to the clandestine world of espionage and special operations.

West Wind Clear

This wonderful little ship, MV Krait (Australian Maritime Museum) carries the team to Singapore during the Pacific War in my fourth book in the Clement Wisdom series “West Wind Clear”.

Map of Japanese Invasion

Just as Clement is preparing to leave Australia and return to Britain, Major Clement Wisdom is seconded to lead a small guerrilla force. Their mission: to secure a vitally important person in Singapore and take him, and the secret he carries, back to Australia.

While enroute to the island bastion of the British Far East Fleet, Clement learns that Malaya, Singapore, and Pearl Harbour have all been bombed and war is declared.

This map shows the Japanese advanced on multiple fronts in early 1942 to occupy the South-West Pacific in the early days of the Pacific War.