BookLife Prize Review

I recently received a review from BookLife Prize for West Wind Clear, my fourth book in the Clement Wisdom Series.

 Plot: West Wind Clear is the fourth title in the Clement Wisdom series, which centres on the titular character, who was once a married vicar in East Sussex before being recruited as an intelligence operative. Knox brilliantly blends history with espionage and compassionate characterization.

Prose: Knox’s prose offers a winning blend of voice-driven warmth and historical detail. 

Originality: While subtle in its execution, Knox brings a quiet and unique power to the page.

Character/Execution: Readers will benefit from having read the previous titles in the series, but Clement will nevertheless leave an impact on first-time readers as, in this instalment, Knox whisks her protagonist away to far-flung war-time regions. 

West Wind Clear is the fourth book in the Clement Wisdom Series available from all online booksellers and in selected bookstores.

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